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"Sam's Multi-Story Mansion" is a surreal animated sitcom set in an enormous mansion, in which Sam walks you through colourful rooms and dark stories, meeting various mansion residents along the way.

Watch below:



Created by Sam Della-Valle

Words by Sam Della-Valle, with Alfie Sellers and Stan Welch

Music by Stan Welch

Logo by Ciaran Birch

Performances by Sam Della-Valle, Annie Metzger, Tom Morgan, Brendton Theunissen, Stan Welch and Rose Edwards

Extra performances by Lily Weinbrand, Holly Titchener, Connie Wright, Joe Francis, Harry Criswell, Edd Quamina, Ben Williams, Maddi Almond, Algy Bruce and Ella Oliver Hewitt

The 12 minutes that create the first episode required the drawing and colouring of 260 set pieces, cutting out the backgrounds of 570 photographs and building 9 rooms in 3D. 

Watch the making of here:

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